Our churches Shepherd callers are in action…making calls regarding in-service worship, offering updates from zoom meetings….

Congregants from both charges are making friendly calls to one another, providing curb side food deliveries and gathering in small circles keeping within the social distancing guidelines.

Website: We are reaching many people as our worship services are now through video at www.harmonypastoralcharge.com  Enjoy recorded music by Lenore Finlay and Justin Hiscox.

The Habitat for Humanity project at Bailieboro Springville church is moving along. The Bird survey (checking for wild birds) has been completed…. The Flood Plain level has passed according to the engineers. Currently these reports are being submitted for ORCA’S review. The Habitat for humanity build believes all is on schedule…Could we be building by 2021…It is certainly starting to look that way.

The Gardiners Cemetery project at Millbrook Cavan Church is on the move.  Quotes for the Columbarium’s are complete, looks like we could see some foundation and placement action by fall.

One congregant is offering support to Wounded Worriers Canada. A project supported by the National Mental Health Service.To honour and support Canada's ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces, face masks are made and sold with the proceeds going to the care of Wounded Worriers Service Dogs. To purchase a mask contact Barb at 705-761-7116.
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